Add Safety Vests to Your Job Site

A great thing about safety vests is that they come in a variety of colors and styles which can help you organize your team. You can assign a specific color of vest to a certain task team, or by levels of authority. First, we will discuss a bit about safety vests and why you should use them.

Ergodyne Chill-Its 6215HV Phase Change Premium Cooling Vest w/ Packs - Hi-Viz Orange

Why Use Safety Vests?

Construction sites can be extremely dangerous, especially if a worker is failed to be seen. Safety vests are a great solution for high visibility needs because they’re easy to layer over existing clothes, are extremely affordable, and can be used indefinitely until the garment is worn down. Another bonus is that safety vests are comfortable and come in a variety of thicknesses for any weather. 

Denote Authority Levels with Safety Vests

Use colors to denote levels of authority on your job site. Often, there are new workers who might not know the superior by face, or vice versa. Having a designated color for the new workers and one for the superiors can lower the chances of miscommunication and save time by preventing confusion.

Radians SV55-2ZOD Type R Class 2 Heavy Woven Two Tone Engineer Vest- Orange

Ergodyne GloWear 8040HL Non-Certified Hi-Gloss Vest - Orange

Determine Tasks by Vest Color

On multi-faceted jobs, you may decide to organize your team by colors to aid in communication and understanding. For example, when constructing a building, you may give electrical workers one color of vest, while giving carpenters a different color. 

Safety Vest Variants

Safety vests feature reflective tapes and fluorescent colors to enhance visibility while on a job site. At Abolox Safety, we carry several different types of safety vests: 

  • Breakaway

  • Cooling

  • Economy

  • Engineer

  • Expandable

  • FR

  • Heavy Duty

  • Piublic Safety

  • Self Extinguishing

  • Standard

  • Surveyor

  • Two-Tone

  • Women’s

  • X-back

There are several closure types as well: hook & loop, snap, zip & rip, and zipper. Within those types of vest, we carry a variety of colors from black to white to lime green and more. Our full color selection is: Black, Blue, Gray, Lime, Navy, Orange, Red, Two-Tone, and White. We also have a wide selection of sizes from Medium to 5X. Beyond types, colors, and sizes, we have several materials to choose from as well. Whether you need Mesh, Hi-Gloss, Cotton, or Solid, we have a vest for you. Do you need a specific classification of vest for your job site? We have Class 1, 2, 3, FR, and non-rated. Finally, if you need easy access to tools or credentials, we carry vests with a multitude of pockets ranging from no pockets to 12 pockets! With popular name brands you trust, like Dewalt, Ergodyne, Radians, and Indian River Workwear, you’ll be ready to get the job done.

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Since safety vests are so versatile, it’s important to know what you need from them. Whether you need a specific class or color, safety vests are perfect for high visibility solutions for your job site. They can help you organize your teams and prevent miscommunication and confusion at the job site.

Check out our full selection of safety vests to find the ones you need for prices you’ll love.

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