Best Safety Gloves for Winter

Gloves do not get quite as much attention as the rest of your winter clothing but they are very important to keep you warm. Failing to provide good protection to your hands in cold can result in reduced efficiency and poorer mobility. Imagine losing control of a vehicle, a hand tool, a power tool, or any other outdoor power equipment due to your numbing hands. If your old dollar store stretchy gloves are not keeping your hands warm enough, it is best to equip yourself with a new pair of winter gloves.

At Abolox Tools, we have got a great collection of liners and gloves which can be used for sub-zero temperatures. Now you can protect your hands from cold and make your work fun and interesting.

  1. Radians RWG17 

If you are looking for winter gloves that are affordable and warm, Radians RWG 17 are your best bet. They are water-resistant and allow you to work in industries like commercial fishing, cold storage, or frozen food processing. Internally lined with an acrylic terry liner, they keep your hands warm during extremely cold weather. The gloves have a latex coating which protects them from abrasion, cuts, or tears in cold or wet weather conditions.

  1. DeWALT Waterproof Gloves

DeWalt DPG737 are an affordable pair of gloves which are insulated, waterproof, and durable. Using the glove-in-glove system, it has two layers to keep your hands warm and dry. The internal thermal liner traps warm air and allows dexterity. The external nylon knit shell keeps your hands dry and protects them from abrasion and wind. These gloves are suitable for anyone who works outdoors in extremely cold and wet weather.

  1. Radians Thermal Lined Work Gloves 

RWG 800 is a pair of high visibility gloves that offer warmth and mobility for outdoor activities. If you work in cold weather and low light situations, these gloves are your best choice. Their outer shell is wind and water-resistant. They also provide a slip-free grip in wet weather. The polyester knit wrist and a sturdy knuckle strap ensure a firm and comfortable grip on your hands.

  1. Ergodyne Proflex Thermal Gloves 

If your job requires you to work outdoors during the winter, Ergodyne Proflex gloves provide you the warmth and dexterity you need. Made up of Thinsulate insulation and a sturdy waterproof liner, these gloves can keep your hands warm and dry. Neoprene knuckle pad cushions your hand and provides comfort. The Tera-Grip layer on palm and fingertips wicks away all the moisture to keep them dry. They are touch-screens capable and allow you to check your phone without taking your gloves off. These gloves are great for all sorts of outdoor activities in extremely cold and wet weather.

  1. Radians Impact Protection Cold Weather Gloves 

If you have to do a lot of jackhammering, drilling, mining, or construction in extremely cold weather, you need Radians RWG 604 gloves. These mechanics style gloves can provide stability and comfort to your hands while handling high-impact applications. Its micro nitrile coating protects against abrasion, cuts, punctures, blunt force impact, and pinching injuries. The internal Terry liner keeps your hand warm while thermoplastic rubber at the back of the hand protects against impact. Combining the best in warmth and impact protection, these gloves are a must-try.

Key Takeaway

If a cold snap is taking you by a surprise, it is best to equip yourself with a good pair of winter safety gloves. These gloves wick away any moisture and keep your fingers warm and toasty. Choose your gloves according to the task you have to perform and keep the frostbite at bay.


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