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Black 2-pc Fleece Balaclava-Ergodyne 6826
Ergodyne N-Ferno 6826 2-pc Fleece Balaclava

Black 2-pc Fleece Balaclava-Ergodyne 6826

Part Number: ERG16826
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Ergodyne 16826
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2-pc Fleece Balaclava: Stretchable fleece to cover neck, head, and face or detach for a separate cap or neck gaiter.


  • 2-pc Polyester Fleece attached by hook and loops
  • Unique Hook and Loop suspensions to attach cap to a hard hat for better stability
  • Long length
  • Reflective accents help keep workers safe and seen


Construction, Freight/Baggage, Drilling/Mining, Oil/Gas Refining, Iron/Steel Work, Delivery/Service, Landscaping/Grounds, Cold Storage/Warehousing, Material Handling

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