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Ergodyne 6804 Lime Skull Cap Beanie Hat with LED Lights

Part Number: ERG16802
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Ergodyne 6804
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The N-Ferno® 6804 Skull Cap Beanie Hat with LED Lights is a premium compression fleece beanie hat with lights that provides the perfect hands-free lighting solution for any situation.

When you click the easy on/off switch hidden on the front of the skull cap hat, it powers on four LED lights, which are angled down for close-up tasks.

Soft compression fleece offers a snug fit, with heat-trapping warmth. Perfect for workers outside or workers in low-light conditions, in garages, woodshops, warehouses or for doing detail work where extra light is needed.


  • LIGHTWEIGHT, SOFT FIT – Compression fleece for softness and warmth with a form-fitting feel
  • DUAL-ACTION LED LIGHTS – Ultra-bright, dual-action LED lights to provide up-close task lighting and distance lighting. Located in the beanie hat’s brim for hands-free lighting
  • 48-LUMEN OUTPUT – 4 LEDs provide a light output of 48 lumens
  • DISTANCE VISIBILITY – Visibility of up to 72ft (22m)
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERIES – Up to 68-hours runtime. Powered by 4 CR2032 batteries (included and replaceable)
  • WASHABLE – Hand wash warm with batteries removed

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