Hand Protection: How to Reduce the Impacts of Hand-Arm Vibration

Vibration can cause changes in bones, muscles, tendons, joints as well as the nervous system. According to the experts, around 2 million US workers are exposed to hand-arm vibration, and around half of them will develop hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS). The condition is irreversible and causes hands and arms to lose feeling or continuously feel tremors.

The tools that cause hand-arm vibration syndrome are jackhammers, chainsaws, drills, grinders, riveters, and more. It affects people from the range of industries i.e. construction, forestry, mining, maintenance, as well as those in cold climates.

The condition can be prevented by using the appropriate safety gear and taking preventive measures. Anti-vibration gloves can go a long way to protect your hands from the harmful impacts of vibration. Padded with a layer of vibration dampening polymer, these gloves ensure the protection of your hands. Some of the best anti-vibration gloves at Abolox Safety are the following:

1. Ergodyne Light Weight Cotton Gloves

Ergodyne gloves are made up of lightweight, breathable cotton and nylon knit. They have an ergonomic style that provides optimal protection against vibration. The rubber palm pad and the nylon seamless knit construction ensures dexterity and comfort at the same time. The elastic cuff and pre-curved design enable you to easily put it on and keep wearing it all day long. The gloves are ANSI S2.73 certified and keep your hands safe and protected.

2. Ergodyne Anti-vibration Gloves with Wrist Support 

These gloves stand out not only because of the excellent anti-vibration qualities but also because of the built-in wrist protection system. The full length of AVC palm padding reduces impact and vibration. The Open- Centre Stay relieves motion discomfort in the arm. The gloves enable you to securely hold on tools and equipment with the help of a gripping palm. The Neoprene knuckle pad and reinforced fingertips and thumb saddle provide comfort and protection against the motion.

3. Ergodyn Half Finger Gloves

Ergodyn half-finger gloves have segmented palm padding which provides dexterity and control. The visco-elastic gel polymer pad reduces the impact of shock and vibration. The gloves are fitted with abrasion-resistant pigskin leather and breathable stretch spandex for optimal comfort and protection. The Neoprene knuckle pad ensures comfort while wearing it for long hours. You can easily put on these gloves with a comfortable pull-on tab.

4. Glove Liners 

If you want to add impact protection quality to the standard work gloves, Ergodyne glove liners are your best bet. These glove liners dampen shock and impact and ensure comfort at the workplace. The breathable cotton and spandex body keeps your hands dry. The half-finger design ensures dexterity and ease. These glove liners can be worn alone as well as under the gloves.

Besides using the appropriate safety gear, you can follow these tips to keep your hands protected against vibration.

1. Hold the hand tools as loosely as possible. The workers who tend to hold the tools very tightly not only fatigue themselves quickly but also increase the risk of hand-arm vibration syndrome.

2. Use anti or low vibration tools.

3. Always make sure that the tools are in good condition and regularly maintained.

4. Take 10-minute breaks from working with the tool after every hour.

5. Keep your hands warm at work.

6. Avoid smoking as it can worsen the symptoms of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome

Key Takeaway

Anti-vibration PPE is very important if you work with vibration tools on a regular basis. Choose your anti-vibration safety gloves which meet the standards of ANSI S2.73 to ensure complete protection. Also, if you follow the best practices to protect yourself against the harmful effects of impact, you can ensure the safety of your workers at jobsite.



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