Head Protection - How To Choose The Right Gear for the Job Site

Head protection equipment like hard hats or bump caps is important in every industry where there is a limited headspace or a risk of falling objects. It is one of the most frequently used items of Personal Protection Equipment as it protects users from different kinds of head injuries. Protective helmets or bump caps should be used during construction works, lifting equipment and suspended loads, forestry, and tunnels.

 To cater to the safety needs of various industries, Abolox Safety offers some of the coolest head protection equipment. Choose your equipment according to the safety regulations of your workplace and the nature of the risk being involved.

Head Protection Equipment can be classified into the following types.

1. Hard Hats

Safety helmets or hard hats absorb impact from the blows and can be fitted with ear defenders and visors. The safety padding inside the helmet receives the impact and protects the head. They are graded according to the level of protection they provide.

Type 1: They include helmets with full brim intended to reduce the force of impact received at the top of the head.

Type 2: They are the brimless helmets with an extended peak from the crown. They reduce the force of impacts received from the sides as well as the top of the head.

The hard hats used in the industry are categorized into three classes:

  • Class G offers limited voltage protection (up to 2.2 Volts)

  • Class E offers protection against exposed high voltage electrical conductors up to 20 V.

  • Class C doesn't offer any electrical protection.

Hard hats can be fitted with various accessories like liners, face shields, or bandanas to provide optimal protection against workplace hazards.

Some of the recommended hard hats at Abolox Safety are:

a. Radians Full Brim Hard Hats

Radians full brim hard hats are comfortable and stylish and meet ANSI Z89.1-2009 Type 1 Class G & E Standards. Nape cushion and pillowed brow pad protect the head against impact and allow a comfortable fit.

b. Dewalt Cap Style Hard Hat 

Dewalt Cap Style Hard Hat meets ANSI Z89.1-2009 Type 1 Class G & E Standards and provides optimal protection against industry-related impact. Pillowed brow pad and nape cushion on ratchet suspension allow a comfortable fit. Nylon Crown Strap Suspensions and quick ratchet adjustment systems allow customizing the size according to the user.

2. Bump Caps

Bump caps protect the head against low impact hits and should not be worn as an alternative to hard hats. They are lighter than a hard hat and cause less pressure due to the absence of a harness and a headband. They also provide better ventilation. Bump caps are usually worn in tighter spaces with lower ceilings, sharp corners, or hanging obstructions.

Some of the recommended bump caps at Abolox Safety are:

a. Radians Short Brim Bump Cap

Radian bump cap is made up of high-density polyethylene and offers side ventilation. It has a short rim and an adjustable band. It offers easy size adjustment and protects against minor bumps and impact.

b. Ergodyn Long Brim Bump Cap 

Ergodyn bump cap has an impact-resistant plastic shell and a thermo-formed foam cushioning. The layers protect the head against cold weather as well as minor impact. The long brim protects the head and face against the sun as well as the flying objects. The venting panels on the side allow the air in. The cap is available in reflective colors and EN 812: 2012 certified.

3. Hats and Beanies

There's a variety of hats and beanies which protect your head against the cold weather. You can wear them under other protective gear like hard hats or bump caps.

  1. Ergodyn Beanie Hat 

It is a compression fleece beanie hat with lights that can be clicked on and off with a button. It is ideal for the people who work in extremely cold weather and low-light conditions like garages, woodshops, or warehouses.

  1. Ergodyne Classic Trapper Hat 

This hat keeps you warm in extremely cold weather. Made up of faux fur and a thick, quilted satin crown lining with PU blocking, it traps the heat inside and doesn't let cold wind or water in. Classic trapper hat is ideal for the people who work in construction, freight/baggage, drilling, mining, cold storage, or any similar outdoor job.

Key Takeaway

Head protection equipment is mandatory in various industries where there is a risk of being injured. Your headgear should not only provide you complete protection but it should also be comfortable to wear. It is equally important to choose your protection equipment according to the nature of the risk being involved. 

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