Choosing the Right Hearing Protection for your Workplace

Choosing the Right Hearing Protection for your Workplace

Choosing the Right Hearing Protection for your Workplace

If you work in an overly noisy environment, you probably know how important it is to protect your ears. No matter how unlikely hearing loss may seem to you, the consequences are never worth the risk. Your PPE should contain proper hearing protection if you work with loud machines like drilling, mining, or grinding equipment. Even if you are into hunting or some DIY project which involves a lot of noise, you need some good hearing protection equipment.

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Respiratory Protection: A Complete Guide

Respiratory Protection_ A Complete Guide

Respiratory protection refers to personal protective equipment (PPE) that protects the wearer from respiratory poisons and pollutants. An integral aspect of occupational safety, respiratory protection ensures that the wearer does not breathe in the toxins from his environment.

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Summer Safety Essentials for Your Job

Summer Safety Essentials

Everyone loves summers but it isn't without its challenges. According to the American Public Health Association, hundreds of American workers get sick or die every year due to heat-related illness. In 2019, heatstroke tops weather-related illnesses. Most vulnerable to heat illness are the outdoor workers, due to their excessive exposure to the sun. To combat these risks, the outdoor workers need to prepare for the summers with the right gear.

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The Ultimate Safety Gear Checklist | Your Guide to PPE

Ultimate Safety Gear Checklist

2019 had been a rough year from the perspective of workplace safety. There were 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries reported in the US. The cost of these injuries was around $170 billion. These figures indicate how important it is to maintain a safe workplace environment. The first step to ensure workplace safety is to make sure that all the safety gear is available to the workers.

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Safety Shirts: Which One to Choose

safety shirts - which one to choose

Learn all about different types of Safety Shirts and how to choose the right safety shirt for your work

When you have been assigned the task of choosing the right safety shirt for yourself or your team, it is a little confusing to figure out where you want to start with. Will you choose a water repellant or a windbreaker shirt? Or will you choose a moisture-wicking shirt instead of a plain cotton t-shirt? You might want to incorporate the recommendations specified for the job that you perform. After all, no one wants to compromise on personal safety.

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