Versatile Safety Gear

Versatile safety gear is a great way to get the most bang for your buck when investing in the appropriate gear for your crew. Versatile gear can refer to garments that act as a two in one piece such as a jacket with detachable hood or sleeves allowing it to be worn in different job site temperature ranges. It can also refer to pieces that allow the wearer to attach pieces of material to add layers or warmth during the colder season. 

If your company works year round on projects outdoors, having the versatile safety gear on site will be beneficial to your worker’s comfort. You can easily store the detachable pieces, insertable pieces, and the bulk items all in their own boxes and crates to allow for easy storage and accessibility throughout the year.

Versatile safety gear for the colder months of winter include fleece liners and mouthpieces for head gear, jackets, sweatshirts, and pants. Abolox Safety carries a variety of winter gear as detailed in some of our other blog posts such as “Winter Safety Gear Checklist”. Be sure to follow along in finding the perfect versatile cold weather gear  for your job site and workplace. 

For the summer, those long sleeved tops and pants will be swapped out for lightweight vests and short sleeve safety shirts. Some of the safety gear at Abolox Safety have detachable liners allowing you to increase the breathability and make the gear more lightweight for the hot and humid summer months. Focusing on ensuring that you keep your workers cool in the summer is a major part of safety in the workplace. Heat stroke and a multitude of issues stemming from overheating is dangerous and can cost you time and money. You can add a variety of inserts to keep your workers cool like neck shades, cooling pads, and sweat bands.

When getting the safety gear for your workplace, remember to opt for versatile items that can work in a variety of weather conditions from cold, to hot, to wet.  We carry versatile gear such as the Radians RW30-3Z1Y General Purpose Rain Jacket Polyester Oxford with Internal PU Coating which features a  detachable hood, and a variety of pockets and closures. 

Your crew is your most valuable asset in the workplace and on the job site. Their comfort should be top priority with their safety gear prompting them to wear the gear and prevent dangerous injuries and such. When browsing our extensive selection of high quality safety gear, we are bound to have what you need at prices that you will love. View our selection of worker comfort gear here! Start saving on your safety gear needs today. We also offer the ability to custom print on many of the items in our shop. 

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