Winter Safety Gear - How to Keep Warm on the Job Site

As the mercury drops, you need the best clothing to keep yourself warm and comfortable. Whether you need to get a job done or go for an outdoor sport, the right safety gear will improve your performance and ensure your safety. At Abolox Safety, we have the right gear for the protection against the bitterest conditions. From head boosting balaclavas to sure-footed Ice traction devices, here's a list of the safety gear to keep you protected from the harsh weather.

  1. Thermal Headwear

  1. Wind Proof Hinged Balaclava Face Mask https

Balaclava combines the qualities of a face mask, hat, and a scarf. Made up of stretchable and breathable fleece, the fabric can provide added warmth under a hard hat or face shields. The hinged design is adjustable and allows the wearer to use it as a full face protection mask or with the hood or lower portion pulled up and down. Balaclava is ideal for industries like construction, freight/baggage, drilling, mining, oil/gas refining, running, cycling, or boating.

b. Modacrylic Liner Hat 

Modacrylic Liner is a hat with three layers of materials to provide warmth and protection. The outer shell is made up of Modacrylic cotton-blend twill. The mid-layer consists of 3M FR Thinsulate whereas the lining is made up of cotton-blend fleece. The moisture-wicking qualities of the hat keep you dry whereas the snug design traps the heat inside to protect you from the cold.

2. Thermal Clothing

  1. Base Layer 

During extremely cold weather, it is important to keep your skin dry. That is why the base layers of your clothing should have moisture-wicking properties. Ergodyn thermal keeps your skin dry and warm in extremely cold weather. The anti-stink treatment ensures that the workers remain unscented. The comfortable design and stretchable material ensure a breathable layer of air insulation.

  1. Mid Layer

It usually consists of your work uniform or clothing which provides a second layer of insulation. It could be a hoody, a sweatshirt, or a zipper. Some of the coolest mid-layer clothing to keep you warm are:

i. MCR Hoody  is made up of cotton and fleece. It traps the body heat and keeps you warm and protected.

ii. Radians Hooded Sweatshirt is made up of polyester fleece and provides optimal protection against the cold weather. The sweatshirt can be zipped up with a raincoat as well to protect against wet weather conditions.

  1. Outer Layers

The outer layer of your clothing should protect you from abrasion, wind, rain, snow as well as cold. The insulated shells should stop the air and moisture to pass from the outside. It can include thermal jackets and raincoats.

i.Ergodyne high visibility thermal jacket consists of a polyester outer shell with a breathable PU coating. The jacket is reflective and ANSI compliant. When zipped with an outer shell jacket, it protects against rain and harsh weather.

ii. Ergodyn Nylon Outer Shell Thermal Jacket repels water and protects you from wind and cold while remaining breathable for all-day comfort. The heavy-duty zippers with storm flap keep out rain and cold. The draw-string waist keeps out the cold. Ergodyn Nylon thermal jacket is ideal to keep you warm and protected in extremely cold weather.

3. Ice Traction

Besides wearing a tough pair of shoes, you need a solid ice traction device. Ice traction devices prevent slips or fall while working in extremely cold weather. Ergodyne Carbide Ice Traction device is a single-piece device that provides tenacious grip and stability all day long. Stretchable heel with rubber pads allows a comfortable fit. The compact size makes it easy to put them on and off. Ergodyn Ice traction device is ideal for people who work in extremely cold weather in industries like roof bolting, mining, oil/gas, heavy construction, and mechanics.

Key Takeaway

Safety gear for extremely cold weather is important to keep you warm and protected. It should keep you dry as well as warm. You should also consider other workplace hazards like darkness, rain, fire, or ice. It is also important not to neglect accessories like gloves, hats, liners, and bibs or face masks. The right safety gear for the cold weather ensures your productivity, safety, and efficiency.





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