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Cooling Headwear

Keeping your body temperature at 98.6 Fahrenheit is important, especially if you are exposed to warm temperatures all day. Did you know that you have a much higher risk of falling victim to heat exhaustion or heat stroke if you work out in the heat? In fact, nearly 45 individuals in the United States each year lose their lives because of heat-related occupational deaths. Many of these deaths could have been possibly been avoided with the proper cooling headwear.

Beat the heat!

It’s easier than ever to beat the heat when you take care of yourself properly. Giving yourself a way to keep your core body temperature regulated is an easy way to stay safe while working long hours out in the heat. From cooling caps and dew rags to bandanas and and sweat bands, we have all the cooling headwear you need. Furthermore, each cooling product is made with high-performance materials.

Our Cooling Headwear

Cooling headwear is extremely important and should be taken advantage of by individuals who work in the sun, out in the heat, or in warm climates day in and day out. Because heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and dehydration are all serious consequences of working outdoors in a warm climate, we want to make it easy for you to stay safe. Think of our evaporative cooling hats or cooling bandanas as safety vests – you must wear them to stay safe, except this time, you’ll stay safer from an invisible threat – heat.

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