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Can you imagine living life to your fullest without proper vision? When you skip out on wearing safety glasses, you’re much more susceptible to eye injuries that can impair your vision and change your life forever. Eye injuries can happen to anyone at anytime, but if you work in an industry with dust, particles and other hazards in the air, you’re much more susceptible of falling victim to an eye injury.

Avoid an eye injury by wearing eye protection.

We make it easy for you to avoid an eye injury. From standard safety glasses to a more comfortable style of foam lined safety glasses, there is a style and type of eye protection for everyone. In fact, we know that many of our shoppers are in need of not only eye protection from debris, but safety from UV rays too. For this reason, we offer construction sunglasses  and anti-fog safety glasses to make sure you keep your eyes safe from hazards, including UV rays.

We offer reader safety glasses!

Understandably, there are plenty of individuals who require a little extra help to keep their 20/20 vision at all times. If you’re someone who is reading a clipboard but needs the protection of glasses for extra safety, you’re in luck. Abolox is proud provider of reader safety glasses than can be ordered in nearly any power needed.

Shop with Abolox!

We invite you to peruse our incredible selection of construction sunglasses, anti-fog safety glasses, reader safety glasses and more. Keep your eyes safe and away from harm with top-of-the-line eye protection. Contact us if you have any questions about our high-end safety glasses or accessories.