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Hardhats were created to keep you safe from harm. Whether you’re working as a laborer, carpenter, or electrician, OSHA recommends that you wear a hardhat to keep yourself safe from falling debris, low clearances, and other hazards while on the job. Call them what you will – hardhats, bump caps, or construction hats – we have a variety for you to peruse.

Use of Hard Hats

It doesn’t matter if you think you need a hardhat or not – your job will let you know if it is recommended or mandatory. For many careers, however, it is mandatory. In fact, OSHA suggests hardhats be used by the following industry workers: carpenters, electricians, linemen, mechanics and repairers, plumbers and pipefitters, welders, laborers, sawyers, timber cutters and loggers, and warehouse laborers and stock handlers.

Types of Hard Hats

Your career path can decide which type of hardhat design will best fit your safety protection needs. To learn more about this, visit OSHA’s publication on Types of Hard HatsThere, you can learn about Class A, Class B, and Class C hardhats, and which one your career requires.

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Depending on your career and the type of protection your job requires, Abolox® Safety is more than prepared to provide you with the equipment you need. Shop through our assortment of bump caps, cap-style hardhats, full-brim hard hats, and more. We also carry all of the hardhat accessories you may need or want. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about any of our products.

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