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What You Should Know About High Visibility Gear.

Being visible in low light situations is becoming more important for people doing outdoor jobs. Whether you are into construction, public safety, mining, or oil and gas sectors, high visibility clothing is mandatory to keep you safe.

If you work at night or early in the morning outdoors, ignoring your high Vis is out of the question. Imagine the number of accidents that could happen if a construction worker starts his shift early morning without wearing his high visibility jacket or a traffic warden ignores his High Vis clothing during his night shift. Even during the daytime, your safety apparel should alert the drivers of your presence. The nature of your job decides which kind of high visibility clothing you need.

At Abolox Safety, we have a range of high visibility workwear, designed for different types of jobs. Depending on the nature of your workplace requirements, you can choose from ANSI Class 2, Class 3, Class E and non-ANSI compliant safety apparel. Available in different colors, our high visibility gear enables you to meet the variety of challenges offered by your workplace.Day-Light Visibility Vs. Low Light Visibility.

It is important to be visible in different lighting situations against various backgrounds. To ensure the visibility of the outdoor workers, ANSI has directed that the HiVis should be of one of the following colors: yellow-green, orange-red or red. Made up of nylon, polyester or acrylic, HiVis retain their florescent qualities even after washing. To improve the visibility at night, High Vis is fitted with retro-reflective components like heat-transfer reflective tape. These two applications in combination can significantly improve visibility during various lighting situations.

ANSI Performance Class Definitions

Depending on the nature of your job, you need safety apparel with different ANSI Performance class definitions.

Best source for high visibility Class 2 vestsRadians SV55B Class 2 Black Bottom Mesh Engineer Vest

ANSI Class 2

This type of safety apparel is used by the workers on the roadways where the traffic exceeds 25 mph. It also provides good visibility in inclement weather. Class 2 high visibility clothing is used by railway workers, school crossing guards, parking and toll gate personnel, airport ground crews and law enforcement personnel directing traffic.

Best source for high visibility Class 3 shirtsRadians ST21B-3PGS Class 3 Long Sleeve Black Bottom Shirt - Green/Black

ANSI Class 3

Class 3 high visibility clothing is required by those workers who perform the tasks which put them in imminent danger from the traffic. Such clothing provides visibility to the wearer from the distance of 1280 feet. Ideally, Class 3 apparel is used by roadway construction personnel, emergency responders, vehicle operators, railway workers, utility workers, and accident site investigators.

Best Source for Safety Bibs, Pants, & CoverallsRadians RW32-EZ1Y Heavy Duty Rain Bibs Polyester Oxford w/ Breathable PU Coating

ANSI Class E

This type of clothing includes pants and shorts. When paired with Class 2 or 3 garments, they meet the safety standards provided by Class 3 HiVis.

Best source for high visibility vestsErgodyne GloWear 8040HL Non-Certified Hi-Gloss Vest - Orange

Non-Compliant/Non-Rated Pieces

These garments are a low-cost solution for anyone not required to wear ANSI high visibility gear. You can also wear them as a base layer under your high visibility jacket. Non-compliant pieces are used by the people working in low-risk areas and non-complex work environments.

ANSI Performance Class Definitions

High Visibility Apparel and the Management of Other Challenges

While you are choosing the right Hi-Vis, you have to consider various factors. For example, your high visibility gear should keep you comfortable in the kind of weather you are working. Depending on your unique workplace situation, your high visibility apparel should have some kind of weather protection.

Best source for High Visibility RainwearRadians RW30-3Z1Y General Purpose Rain Jacket Polyester Oxford w/ Internal PU Coating

Rain Protection

If you work in a place where you are frequently exposed to rain, your HiVis should provide you rain protection as well. For such people, high visibility rain jackets are an ideal choice. Besides keeping you visible, they also keep you dry.

Best source for High Visibility JacketsRadians SJ12-3ZMS Green/Orange Multi-Color Bomber Jacket Weather Proof

Cold and Wind Protection

If you work in extremely cold and windy weather, bomber jackets can keep you warm. High visibility bomber jackets are lined with a quilted or fleece liner that keeps you safe from the wind and the cold weather.

Best source for high visibility Class 2 vestsDEWALT DSV971 Class 2 Modacrylic FR Mesh Safety Vest Hi-Viz

Flame Resistant

Some professions require the workers to wear high visibility apparel which is flame-resistant as well. Made up of fabrics like the Modacrylic blend, flame resistant high visibility apparel is important for the utility workers which need both types of protection.

Key Takeaway

High visibility gear is important to keep you visible while working in a high-risk environment. Mandated by ANSI, your high visibility gear should keep you protected and comfortable in a variety of work situations. Don’t be invisible while working in a dangerous area. Use High visibility safety clothing to prevent accidents and save lives.

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