Hot Weather Must-Haves

Hot Weather Must-Haves

Anyone spending a lot of time in heat knows how important it is to protect from heat-related sickness. Whether you are into construction, mining or any other outdoor job, you can't compromise on your cooling equipment.

The safety gear for hot weather is important because it prevents dehydration and heat illness. The people who need such gear are the ones who do a lot of physical labor at high temperatures and humidity with direct exposure to the sun.

While it is impossible to change some of these conditions, but with the right cooling gear, you can stay safe and productive.

Abolox Safety brings you the state-of-the-art cooling products which enable you to protect yourself from heat-related sickness and discomfort. Following is an overview of some of the best products, ranging from bandanas, to hats, to cooling vests.

Beat the Heat with these Best Cooling Products

Best source for cooling products

1. Ergodyne Cooling Red Triangle Hat

This cooling triangle hat is made up of advanced PVA material that provides relief against heat for hours. Activate it by soaking it in water and put it on. It is super evaporative and lightweight and can be used under hard hats or without hard hats. It is reusable and machine washable. Available in the beautiful red western pattern, this cooling triangle hat is an ideal choice for the people in construction, trades, mining, material handling, and warehouse distribution.

Best source for cooling products

2. Radians Cooling Headband - Blue Paisley

Radians cooling headband is made with Advanced Arctic technology which provides immediate heat relief. Soak it in water and twirl to activate. The heat-protection can last for up to five hours. The stretch-fit spandex design provides a comfortable fit allowing optimum blood-circulation. It is safe and reusable. Antimicrobial treatment helps to prevent mold build-up and unwanted smells. Beat the heat with this beautiful headband available in spectacular blue color.

Best source for cooling products

3. Radians Cooling Towel Set

Stay cool in the blazing heat with these Radians evaporative cooling towels. Soak them in water and enjoy the heat relief for hours. Buy the pack of 24 towels to ensure that you have ample heat-protection gear. Safe and effective, they are available in reusable packaging design. Antimicrobial treatment helps to prevent mold build-up and unwanted smells.

Best source for cooling products

4. Ergodyne High-Performance Cap with Stars/Stripes

This high-performance cap is made up of a technical fabric with a wide absorbent terry headband. Comfortable to wear alone or under-helmet, the cap helps you to wick away all the sweat. Available in one size fits most, the cap is available in stars and stripes pattern for the people who want to chill out with a patriotic flare.

Best source for cooling products

5. Radians Red Cooling Vest

Designed to keep you cool during the intense heat, Radians Vest is an important part of your safety gear for hot weather. It is made up of a 3 layer fabric system which absorbs, stores and releases water to keep you cool during the blazing heat.

Adjustable waist with a hook and a loop closure and a zipper front makes it comfortable to wear. Cooling down your body temperature, the vest provides excellent heat stress safety management.

Best source for cooling products

6. Ergodyne Lightweight Cooling Vest with Packs - Black

If you want optimal protection against heat, these light-weight vests with cooling packs are all that you need. 30%-60% lighter than other cooling vests, these vests can maintain the temperature at 15° C for up to two hours after activation.

Everyone can feel comfortable to wear them as they are made up of cotton-fabric material which stretches around your body. The heavy-duty front zipper makes it easy to put them on and off. The two front zippered pockets can be used to store cell phones and other accessories.

It is very easy to activate the cooling packs. Place them into ice water for 5 minutes or freezer for eight minutes. Place the recharged packs into the vest pockets and enjoy hours of cooling.

Key Takeaway

Staying cool in the blazing heat is important to ensure your safety and to keep you productive. The head bands, hats and caps ensure that your head is protected from the direct exposure to the sun. It is because, most of the blood vessels are clustered in the brain and it is important to maintain the brain temperature to protect from hypothermia or heat stroke. Similarly, cooling vests and towels ensure that your body temperature is maintained. By using these cooling products, you can stay protected from heat and remain healthy.

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