Maintaining your PPE

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is there to protect you from various workplace hazards. However, for it to be effective you need to take care of it properly. You need to regularly maintain and care for your PPE for it to be ready to prevent any damage from the common workplace dangers.

Eye Protection Maintenance

First, we’ll talk about proper eye safety gear and it’s maintenance. Glasses and googles should be cleaned regularly with soap and water and dried before storing them. If there is debris such as dust and sand that could damage the glasses/googles, then wash it with water or blow it off before wiping clean. When storing eye protection, you’ll want to focus on dust-proof cases to minimize the chance of scratching and damaging the eye protection. While cleaning and storing your gear, check for any flaws or damages. It may be time to replace your eye gear if the frames are bent, loose, worn, scratched, or pitted. 

Head Protection Maintenance

Secondly, hard hat maintenance. Hard hats are made to protect your head from injuries so you should clean them regularly (allow them to air dry). Proper storage of hard hats is out of the sun, secured where it can’t be knocked around. It may be time to replace your hard hat or bump cap if it is cracked or dented. If it has taken a heavy blow previously, you should replace it. 

Hearing Protection Maintenance

The next step of proper PPE care will be on hearing protection. As hearing is a major sense needed for any job, taking care of the equipment designed to keep it safe is a must do. Earmuffs should be cleaned with a damp cloth everytime that they are used. Reusable earplugs should also be washed daily. All hearing protection should be stored in a clean, safe place. Replacement may be necessary if the pieces become damaged, discolored, or lose their resilience.  

Respiratory Protection Maintenance

Respirators are a major piece of equipment for many job sites, and as they protect your lungs, they also need to be maintained properly. Disinfecting your respirators should be done frequently and completely to prevent any build up of dust and contaminants. They should be stored in a safe and secured place. They need to be protected from extreme temperatures, dust, light, moisture, and chemicals. . 

Hand Protection Maintenance

When it comes to hand protection, your gloves prevent all kinds of injuries including cuts and punctures. Gloves should be kept clean, dry, and stored away from moisture. It may be time to replace your gloves if they are damaged (cracks, holes, etc) or worn. You should always have a backup pair of gloves. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions dependent on what materials are used in the hand protection. 

No matter what you need for your PPE and their maintenance, Abolox Safety is here for you. We have a wide variety of safety gear to ensure that you and your workers are safe and protected.With brand names you trust and gear made to last, we have everything you need to make your workplace safe.

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