The Perfect Winter Safety Jacket

When it comes to keeping the cold out, Abolox Safety has the best safety jacket selection for your worker’s comfortability. The best safety jackets for winter provide optimal warmth while avoiding any sacrifice for high visibility. We have a wide selection of jackets that are up to standards set forth by ANSI. As winter is such a difficult time to keep up with deadlines while ensuring that your workers are not only comfortable but capable of working in such harsh conditions. 

We’ve previously written about a full set of winter safety gear here, but today our primary focus is safety jackets. This outer layer provides that extra warmth to your chilliest workers. You’re able to place the high visibility, warm winter work jacket over your worker’s every day winter clothes, or over other safety gear. 

Our jackets have a wide variety of features as well ranging from pockets to layers to stylers. We have winter safety jackets in a variety of colors such as black, lime, and orange for the best high visibility chances in the workplace. We have jackets that are classified as Class 2 and as Class three from major brands you trust like Ergodyne, Neese, and Radians. All of our high visibility safety jackets feature some kind of reflective striping in order to enhance visibility in even the harshest winter weather conditions. 

We also carry our safety jackets in a variety of sizes so that you are able to provide all of your workers the same comfort and style. Our jackets come in sizes small, medium, large, extra large, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL.

Some features that a few of our jackets have include having a weatherproof outer shell. Insulation, hoods, pockets, and zippers. These jackets are perfect for a variety of applications including flagging crews, road constructions, utility crews, survey crew, transportation/airlines, railway workers, and construction crews. The versatility of our selection of safety jackets is unmatched. We pride ourselves on our quality products and excellent service. 

An example of an excellent quality product would be the Ergodyne 8388 Orange High Visibility Thermal 4-In-1 Jacket Kit Class 3 Performance. This jacket features a weatherproof polyester outer shell and a breathable PU coating. The inner jacket has 3M™ Thinsulate™ lining and zips out creating a Class 2 thermal vest. This fits right in with having a jacet that you can use throughout the year, not just for the winter season. This jacket also comes with a multitude of pockets for a variety of uses such as pens, radios, id badges, and the like. 

While determining the right jacket for your job site, you should take into consideration what equipment the workers will need to have readily accessible and what they need to carry on them consistently. You’ll need to look at weather conditions and have your jacket be prepared for them such as snow or sleet. If you’re ready to get started with grabbing the winter safety jackets for your crew, reach out today and save!

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