Respiratory Protection_ A Complete Guide

Respiratory protection refers to personal protective equipment (PPE) that protects the wearer from respiratory poisons and pollutants. An integral aspect of occupational safety, respiratory protection ensures that the wearer does not breathe in the toxins from his environment.

At Abolox Safety, we have some of the high-quality breathing protection equipment. Ranging from the face masks to full facepiece reusable respirators, our breathing protection equipment is ideal for the professionals from mining, painting, welding, wood-working and many more.

Choose breathing protection based on the safety requirements of your workplace.

Types of Breathing Protection Equipment

Respiratory protection equipment can be categorized into two types:

1.   Filtering device

2.   Breathing apparatus

The filtering device filters out the pollutants while the breathing apparatus provides the wearer with her supply of oxygen. If there is sufficient oxygen in the ambient air (i.e. at least 17%) you can use a filtering device to protect yourself.

If you are working in the environment with significantly lower volumes of oxygen in the air, breathing apparatus like forced air respirators should be used. Before you choose your respiratory protection equipment, a detailed analysis of the work-place environment should be carried out.

Some of the filtering devices are adaptable and can be fitted with a supply of oxygen. In such a way, they can be used as a breathing apparatus too.

Must-Have Respiratory Protection Equipment

If you are looking for the best respiratory protection equipment, Full-Facepiece Respirator is an ideal choice. Pair it up with some accessories like lens cover or a filter adapter and enjoy the safety you need.

3M 6900 Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator

1. 3M™ Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator

3M Full Face Respirators protect the wearer from inhaling dangerous solid particles and harmful contaminants in the air. Fitted with pre-filters and cartridges, it restrains the pollutants. It is also to be noted that the pre-filters and cartridges need to be replaced frequently. How long a pre-filter or cartridge can be used depends on your industry. 3M full-face respirators are adaptable and can be plugged into an external source like a clean air compressor. This allows you to have a supply of oxygen at all times.

How Does It Work?

The respirator blocks the pollutants through three lines of protection. The first line of protection is the pre-filter. The pre-filter blocks out larger as well as some of the microscopic particles. You can use a good pre-filter like N-95 for optimal safety.

The second line of protection is organic vapor or acid gas cartridge. These cartridges filter out chemical toxins.

The second line of the defense is the organic vapor/acid gas cartridge. These are the filters that will block the harmful chemical fumes like chlorine gas, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and many other toxic chemicals.

The third layer of protection is provided by a silicone gasket that lines the edges of the face mask. It ensures that no harmful particle can enter inside.

Who is it For?

3M Respirators are ideal for the people in automotive, chemical manufacturing, Lead and Asbestos Abatement Painting/Paint Spraying, Pesticide Spraying, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Primary Metals, and Spraying Utilities.

3M 6885 Faceshield Cover 6885/07142(AAD), Accessory

2. 3M 6885 Faceshield Cover

If you deal in the painting, woodworking or primary metal industry, you must be fully aware that the lens of your full piece respirator is highly susceptible. How many times have you damaged the lens of your full face respirator with paint or abrasives? Faceshield cover protects the lens of your full face respirator and keeps it in a good shape for a longer time. Available in a pack of 25 pieces, it is a must-have item to keep your respirator lens safe.

3M 502 Filter Adapter, Respiratory Protection System Component

3. 3M 502 Filter Adapter

If you are looking forward to increasing the scope of your face respirator and giving yourself some extra protection from a variety of pollutants, a 502 Filter adapter is an ideal choice. 3M Filter Adapter attaches the Particulate Filters 2000/2200 Series to 3M gas/vapor respirators. These filter adapters enable you to adapt your respirator and get protection from different toxins and pollutants. Available in a pack of 20, they are a good choice for the people who have to deal with a variety of pollutants in their workplace environment.

A full facepiece respirator is an ideal choice for protecting yourself from a variety of pollutants. Fitted with a lens, they also keep your eyes and face safe too. The respirator can be adapted according to a variety of workplace environments. You can choose from the accessories and pair them up with your respirator. This way you are sure to keep yourself safe from the workplace hazards.

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