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Safety Shirts

Are you required to wear a safety shirt at all times while on the job? If so, you’re in luck, because Abolox Safety has all of the high-visibility shirts you could ever need. From short sleeve hi-vis shirts to long sleeve hi-vis shirts, we have a reflective shirt for every employee in every industry. We even have an assortment of other safety shirts that can be worn under safety vests or as a second layer in cooler weather.

The Importance of Safety Shirts

In many industries, the amount of safety you have is achieved by wearing the right outfit. In fact, the main difference between an employee in danger and an employee who is safe is often wearing a high-visibility reflective shirt. As long as you can be seen, you’re one step closer to safety. Because of this, many industries require workers to wear a hi-vis shirt that can be seen day or night.

The History of Safety Shirts

One of the first aspects of safety in a work environment was developed by firefighters in the United States. They realized that they needed to stay safe while out on the job, and they were the leaders in the industry to create a safer work environment by adding a fire helmet to their wardrobe. From there, safety clothing and equipment bloomed. More modernized clothing and equipment started to take hold in the industry, giving workers the opportunity to increase their safety by wearing high-visibility shirts, vests, and more.

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To join industry leaders everywhere, start shopping our incredible selection today. Peruse our hi-vis shirts and other workwear clothing to help your employees stay comfortable and more importantly, stay safe! If you have any questions, please contact us right away!