Ultimate Safety Gear Checklist

2019 had been a rough year from the perspective of workplace safety. There were 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries reported in the US. The cost of these injuries was around $170 billion. These figures indicate how important it is to maintain a safe workplace environment. The first step to ensure workplace safety is to make sure that all the safety gear is available to the workers.

Personal protective equipment is the safety gear worn to avoid exposure to specific workplace hazards. These hazards could be of various types like chemical, electrical, radiological, physical or mechanical. If the safety gear is avoided, it can result in workplace injuries and illnesses.

Tips to set-up an Ultimate Safety Gear Checklist

While you choose your safety gear, make sure that you adhere to the workplace safety guidelines. These tips will help you choose some of the best safety equipment available in the market.

ERB 19366 Americana Mega Ratchet Blue Hardhat 4pt Nylon SuspensionErgodyne Skullerz 8960 Bump Cap w/ LED Short Brim Lime (23377)

1. Protection of Head

Protect your head by choosing a good helmet. When you do, make sure that you keep in mind your workplace hazards. You can choose ERB 19766 Hardhat if you are into construction and mining. The high-quality material of the hat gives your head the optimal protection.

If you work in confined spaces and are exposed to overhead pipes or equipment then Ergodyne Skullerz 8960 Bump Cap w/ LED Short Brim Lime (23377) is a good option. Ideal for the people dealing in baggage handling, aircraft maintenance, heavy equipment and machinery, this hat not only protects your head but lights up your workplace for better visibility.

2. Protection of Eyes

Eyes are the most sensitive part of your body and quite prone to workplace injuries. Choose appropriate safety equipment to give optimal protection to your eyes. If you work in sun for long hours, consider buying Crossfire MP7 polarized sunglasses. These sunglasses reduce the glare from surfaces such as water, snow, and glass and improve your vision.

If you work in an environment where your glasses are frequently fogged up, consider buying a pair of Crossfire anti-fog glasses. Combining efficiency and comfort, these glasses spare you the trouble of taking off your protective glasses again and again and wiping them clean. A good pair of safety glasses can keep your eyes safe from debris, a minor irritant, sawdust as well as harmful materials like acids. Take into consideration your workplace requirements while you choose the right safety gear for your eyes.

Crossfire MP7 polarized blue/green lens, crystal black frameCrossfire 710, Indoor/Outdoor Revo Anti-fog Lens, Matte Black Frame
Radians SV2GM Economy Class 2 Safety Vest Hi Viz Green MeshRadians SV2OM Economy Class 2 Safety Vest Hi Viz Orange Mesh

3. Protective Clothing

Your clothing should not only protect you from workplace hazards but also keep you comfortable. If you are into road construction, traffic police, or a first responder, you might have noticed how important it is for you to be visible to the oncoming traffic on the road. Radians Safety Vest ensures your protection by keeping you visible at all times.

Similarly, if you are exposed to the hazard of fire, then choose Radians Self Extinguishing Safety Vest. Besides its anti-flame qualities, it also keeps you visible.

Choose your high visibility apparel according to your workplace hazards and stay protected.

4. Protection of Hands

Hands and fingers often get injured as you perform most of your work with them. Especially if you work in an extremely cold environment then you might have seen how susceptible the workers are to the frostbite. It is important to keep your hands protected with the right pair of gloves. Dewalt Thermal work gloves keep your hands warm and dry. The brushed acrylic knit thermal liner traps the heat inside the gloves while maintaining dexterity. The outer nylon lining wicks the moisture away.

Similarly, if you work with power tools or you are into drilling or mining, you might want to choose Ergodyne 9001 Anti-Vibration Gloves. The palm padding in key areas reduces shock and impact and gives you a firm grip.

You might want to buy good cut resistant gloves like Ergodyne 814CR if you deal with sharp objects like glass and nails. The durable synthetic leather palm gives you optimal protection against all the bruises, cuts and abrasions. Identify the hazards and exposure levels according to your workplace to choose the best protection for your hands.

DEWALT DPG737 Economy Thermal Work GloveErgodyne 9001 Impact and Anti-Vibration GloveErgodyne 814CR Thermal Utility Plus Cut Resistance Glove
3M 7800S-M Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator

5. Protection of Lungs

The lungs are a vital part of your body which must be protected from workplace hazards. If you are exposed to pollutants or chemical toxins at your workplace, consider buying a good respirator. 3M Full facepiece Reusable Respirator protects your lungs from all the pollutants in your workplace. The respirator is adaptable and can be used with a variety of extensions like Lens Cover, Nose Cup Assembly or Face shield Cover. Now you can give your lungs the optimal protection.

Keep Yourself Safe

The above-mentioned tips are very simple and easily applicable to your workplace environment. If you invest in your safety gear, you can easily multiply your productivity. Equip yourself with the right gear and nothing will slow you down.

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