Winter Safety Gear

Winter is right around the corner, so now is the time to start prepping and getting ready for the cold weather. Depending on your location, your winter might be a moderate temperature requiring minimum layers, or you might need full snow gear if you’re more northern. Obviously the site’s leader will inform you about the weather and what gear will be necessary. Below is a full checklist of all the winter gear that you need for the upcoming season. 

Warm Head Protection for Winter

We’ll start at the head. Keeping your head warm is a great way to ensure that you’re enhancing productivity during the cold winter season. We have a wide variety of liners to insert into your hard hats and bump caps in order to make them warmer and able to both keep the cold air out and the warmth in. There are several styles of liners as well. You can opt for a ski mask version that covers your mouth, neck, and head or for the shoulder liner style where it doesn’t cover your mouth. There are also liners that have multiple layers, liners with the detachable mouth coverings, and liners with different materials. We carry liners made with sherpa, cotton, fleece, spandex, polyester, and modacrylic. We carry both Ergodyne and Radians brand liners for your winter head protection. 

Warm Safety Gloves for Winter

When it’s cold outside, if you have your fingers exposed you’re likely going to have a decreased level of functionality for them. The colder it is, the stiffer your fingers can get. Having warm safety gloves helps prevent that. You need full mobility during the cold season to ensure that you’re able to grip, control, and handle the gear and machinery at the job site. Our selection of cold weather gloves includes gloves manufactured by Bellingham Glove, Dewalt, Ergodyne, and Radians. There are a variety of features in our selection from being waterproof, thermal lined, and touchscreen compatible. It’s important to note what your job site will require in terms of what you’ll be using your hands for when making your choice for hand protection. 

Warm Safety Gear

Winter Safety Apparel is a major aspect of your safety gear on a job site. From the shirts, to the jackets, to the pants and coveralls, it’s important to make sure your apparel is weather appropriate. With safety jackets, you will want to look at the type of material that the jacket is lined with.  Winter safety jackets can have a water resistant outer shell in order to protect from snow, sleet, and rain while have a cozy inner lining that is warm. We carry jackets that have a quilted inner layer, or fleece. There are options for a removable fleece lining so that you can use that jacket on warmer days as well. There are also features such as drawstring waists that will help you keep out the cold. These stats also apply to the shirts and pants, as keeping warm usually consists of a liner and cinching to prevent the cold from seeping in. 

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